About Us

Inspiration comes of working every day.

We would like to introduce ourselves as KLM Educational, Cultural & Sports Foundation. KLM is conducting Karate, Wu-Shu, Taekwondo, Judo, Dance, Drawing, Aerobic, Skating, Yoga and various other cultural activities.

We have more than 40 branches all over Maharashtra and over 1800 students taking lessons in these activities. In the past, we have successfully arranged various district level, state level, and national level competition under our foundation.
The students from our foundation have shown their talent in various competitions, Winning various Medals at national and international events.
As far as Martial Art is a concern, it is the art of India war process. In ancient day’s monks were the learners of Martial Arts. In India, there were many great monks, who’s purpose was to distribute this great art in many countries. After that extinct to India for many reasons. So we should take back this culture for the truth and for the real land citizen.


Started as KLM Cultural & Sports Institution, in 1996 at Jalgaon District in Maharashtra as a small organisation to bring to the world a new generation of bold students with a unique character of extensive confidence by providing Indians a higher quality art of Self Defence. Turning of all age group of people into an aware and responsible citizen of tomorrow.